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All what you need to know about Requirements Engineering without ever having dared ask it!

Book contents

The book consists of three major parts:

  1. Part I is an introduction to Requirements Engineering. Topics including requirements elicitation, specification and documentation, evaluation, evolution, quality assurance for requirements are covered and state-of-the-art techniques are reviewed.
  2. Part II focuses on goal orientation. This part details the methodology underlying the Objectiver modelling approach by explaining how to model goals and risks, agent responsibilities and behaviours, and domain modelling.  
  3. Part III shows how a requirements model can help analysts reason about requirements and how they can use the model for building useful by-products: requirements documents, semi-formal and formal verification. 

About the author

The author of the book is Prof. Axel van Lamsweerde from University of Louvain. Prof. van Lamsweerde is acknowledged as one of the most prominent scientific expert in Requirements Engineering. He received the ACM Sigsoft Outstanding Research Award 2008 for his research work on the methodology presented in the book.

How to order

The book is available in bookshops and can also be purchased directly on the Wiley Web site.

How to get a free copy...

Buy Objectiver professional edition or apply for an Objectiver 3-day training course and receive a free copy of van Lamsweerde's book.

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